All Live, Honey Bee Removals -- No Harm --

We do not recommend "treating your bees" nor do we treat our bees at any of our bee yards.

We practice methods to gather all honey bees possible so that we leave "No Bee Left Behind"​​

Specifically, we scheudle all removals to complete at nightfall/dusk, this gives the hardest working forager bees a chance to return home to us and not miss the bus, so to speak.
      We are an eco-friendly beekeeping operation that reuses, acceptiable, honey derived from non-traditional hives with the purpose of sustaining an opeartion exclusively without feeding our bees SUGAR, or CORN SYRUP substitute.  We feed only honey back to our bees, leaving our competitors in the dust when it comes to product purity.

Bee Removals

Honey Bee Removal
These were unfriendly honey bees, more commonly refered to as "Killer Bees or Aficanized Bees"
These removals are very dangerous and we have to take necessary extra steps to safely protect ourselves when working these bees.
Honey & Beekeeping
We harvest honey in small quantities which helps to complicate and originate honey flavors and authenticity.  Now we will bring you these select honey's from several different locations truely adding to the benefit of "How Local Is Your Honey?"